The VariluxSauna and Wellness Technique
with many years of experience builds wellness centers for public use and saunas , steam cabins for private use satisfying individual demands.

The VariluxSauna and Wellness Technique
is special, because our saunas meet the expectations both of those who use Finnish saunas for long time and and for those who are new at use of them. Our saunas are built in a kind of sandwich construction what provides energy saving operation while the proper ventilation is assured. At the same time their shelve life is exceptionally long as the upper layer can be removed with little cost so that the dilapidations often occurring particularly with public saunas can be eliminated.

The VariluxSauna and Wellness Technique
continuously enriches its product offering in line with the market demands.

The VariluxSauna and Wellness Technique
offers hydro massage equipments - tubs and pools - solariums, and several kinds of complementary facilities like light therapy, aroma fusion pots, feet disinfectant etc.
Answering our clients special demands and their facilities on the spot we are open to design and build Turkish baths , steam cabins, infra cabins. We also offer salt rooms, ice cabins, tepidarium and caldarium.

The VariluxSauna and Wellness Technique novelty!
Our newest development is the light weight anywhere installable multifunction cabin - usable as salt, or ice/snow cabin- with or without light therapy. Ask for our quotation with pictures.

The VariluxSauna and Wellness Technique
is ready to provide with services like :
- maintenance / mend of saunas and steam cabins
- restructuring old saunas inkl. enlarging or transforming it into kombi sauna
- installation of light therapy.

TheVariluxSauna and Wellness Technique
Offers tailor made scenery designs to companies who design/construct wellness centers, or to private users for better planning.